Our Experts

Independent, academic experts are key voices in the drug spending debate, but it can be challenging for policymakers and the media, much less the public, to hear directly from multiple experts on a single topic. Even when multiple experts are consulted, small differences of opinion between experts on specific aspects can obscure general expert agreement on the overall policy. CIDSA’s expert panel surveys use a standard set of questions to gauge expert opinion on various drug spending policy options, distilling collected expert wisdom into understandable and comparable scores.

Ge Bai
Professor of Accounting and Health Policy and Management
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Expert on health care pricing, policy, and management.

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Ernst Berndt
Professor of Applied Economics Emeritus
MIT Sloan School of Management

Research has focused on economic issues in healthcare.

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Rena Conti
Associate Research Director of Biopharma & Public Policy
Boston University Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy

Written extensively on the pricing, demand, and supply of prescription drugs.

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Sean Dickson
CIDSA Chair, Director of Health Policy
West Health Policy Center

Focused on increasing access to healthcare, with specific attention to reducing prescription drug costs.

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Stacie Dusetzina
Associate Professor of Health Policy and Ingram Associate Professor of Cancer Research
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Focused on measuring and evaluating population-level use and costs of medications in the USA.

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Richard Frank
USC-Brookings Schaeffer Initiative for Health Policy

Focused on the economics of mental health and substance abuse care, long term care financing policy, implementation of health reform and disability policy.

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Rachel Sachs
Professor of Law
Washington University in St. Louis

Focused on the interaction of intellectual property law, food and drug regulation, and health law.

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Ameet Sarpatwari
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Focused on the effects of laws and regulations on therapeutic development, approval, use, and related public health outcomes.

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Mariana Socal
Assistant Scientist in the Department of Health Policy and Management
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Focused on improving pharmaceutical coverage, affordability, and access for older adults and individuals living with chronic conditions.

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Our Surveys


CIDSA’s expert panel surveys use a simplified two-stage Delphi survey methodology. In the first stage, experts are presented with a description of the policy and asked to evaluate that policy on standardized metrics; the experts also suggest areas where more information is needed to evaluate the policy. In the second round, the experts once again evaluate the policy on the same metrics, but this time with an anonymous summary of how their peers evaluated the policy in the first round. The experts will also score the areas where more information is needed that were suggested in the first round, highlighting questions for policymakers to address. After the second round, CIDSA staff create a visual representation of the second-round scores and summarize the policy in a standard format for publication.